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Lettlopi blanket

This is the true Lopi yarn that comes from Iceland, where the unique breed of sheep produces a unique wool which has incredible natural colours, and real warmth. We stock this yarn in large quantities for fast shipment. In addition to the yarn, there are hundreds of designs that can be knit with this yarn. This is a chunky weight yarn that knits up 13 or 14 stitches to 10 cm 4 inches on 5mm US Size 8 to 6mm US Size 10 needles.

The sweaters knit up fast, and are generally knit on circular needles.

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One of the advantages of Lopi yarn is the incredible collection of designs that have been created for the wool. We have a wide collection of Lopi and Lopi Lite Pattern books in stock.

Each of the pattern books includes from 10 to 41 different Lopi and Lopi Lite patterns along with full colour photos of the finished works. Unlike many stores, Camilla Valley Farm is a stocking dealer which means that we carry inventory of all colours of Lopi yarn in both weights and do not simply order it when a customer places an order with us.

As well as faster delivery, this also means that customers visiting our store can make their selections while comparing the colours of the actual yarn. We normally maintain thousands of balls of Lopi in inventory, some of which is pictured below. The two cards below left show the complete set of Lopi colours while the card to the right shows the Lopi Lite colours. Click on any of these to see a larger version.

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While these pictures provide a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours and sizes, their appearance can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. ISTEX was formed in October to take over the scouring plant and yarn division of woolen manufacturer Alafoss, inheriting a tradition of quality which began in From selection to spinning, each step of the Istex production process has been carefully designed to ensure that the product which reaches the customer is nothing less than the very best.

Istex is the only company in Iceland which selects its wool directly from farmers for washing and spinning into top-quality Lopi yarn. At sorting stations around the country, wool is gathered to be expertly graded according to colour and quality before being taken for washing at the company's scouring plant in the garden town of Hveragerdi.

While processing the wool, the use of detergents and artificial substances is kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring the preservation of natural wool fats.

Only the best-quality wool eventually reaches the Istex mill at Mosfellsbaer to be spun into Lopi yarn. Grazed on virgin land untouched by pollution, sheep have been bred in Iceland for over eleven hundred years.

From the very beginning, isolation has ensured the breed has remained pure, untouched by contact with others. Over the centuries, its wool has developed to ensure as much protection as possible from the harsh northern climate.

One of the most striking characteristics of the Iceland Sheep is its natural colours - black, grey and light brown, as well as the usual white.Berroco Yarn 1 Tupperware Drive. Upstytta is a bottom-up sweater knit with five shades of Lettlopi.

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It features a curved bottom hem and gathered cuffs. Two color combinations are shown in Lopi book 38 to help inspire you, or you can put your own combinations together by previewing all the shades of Lettlopi on the Istex website. The lightweight, unspun cakes of yarn provide plenty of warmth while also being lighter than air—ideal for a child's sweater such as Liljulag!

Lopi yarns aren't just great for sweaters; they also make fabulous accessories! The colorwork chart is knit in the round and then steeked open, but because it's super bulky yarn, you'll be able to easily see the stitches to make sure they're reinforced before cutting, making this an ideal practice project for steeking.

Lopi garments are known for their bright colorwork patterns, but this yarn makes beautiful solid color sweaters too! See all the patterns in Lopi Lopi book 38 is currently only available in print at your local Lopi yarn stores—you can use our store locator to find the nearest Lopi retailer near you and ask if they have the book, along with the Lopi yarns, in stock. PDF patterns will be available in the future. Follow along with all the great news from Lopi on their English language Facebook page or their brand new Instagram account!

Have you knit with Lopi yarns recently? Be sure to share a photo on Lopi Knitting's Facebook page to show off your fabulous knitting! Happy knitting. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website, Facebook page, or through a Berroco promotion such as Berroco Bingo.

We appreciate you being here! Change your preferences to receive Berroco KnitBits Monthly: You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.Icelandic wool yarns are known for their warmth, breathability and water-repellency. It's a lighter, worsted weight version of the ever popular bulky weight Alafoss Lopi.

Léttlopi (Lite Lopi) Icelandic Wool Yarn

Ideal for warm and resilient garments that will stand the test of time. Great for felting. Weavers will find it too softly spun for a traditional high-tension warp, however it can be used with care and it makes a great weft for blankets and throws. New Pattern! I've made three so far!! Join us on: Youtube Instagram Facebook.

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Your cart is empty! Our retail store and phone orders are temporarily closed. Full details. Yarn by color: Yarn Color Picker, try it! Find Fibers: Fibers by content Fibers, Wool.

By name or group: Fibers by name Fibers by Sample Card. Books, All. Classes: Browse Classes. Events: Events at Halcyon Yarn. Social: Social: Groups, Meet-ups, Events. Blog Mentions. Pricing 50 g ball: Mix colors for discounts! Color: vendor color: Lttlopi white. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi lightbeigeheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi murky. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi chocolateheather.

Color: vendor color: Lttlopi garnetredheather.

Plotulopi Wool Yarn

Color: vendor color: Lttlopi apricot. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi mimosa. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi goldenheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi celerygreenheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi springgreenheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi lymegrass.

Color: vendor color: Lttlopi roughsea. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi galaxy. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi bottlegreenheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi lagoonheather. Color: vendor color: Lttlopi glacierblueheather.Did you know that Atlantic puffins spend most of their lives at sea, but return to land to form breeding colonies during spring and summer?

lettlopi blanket

There are more than one puffin species but the one that breeds in Iceland is the so called Atlantic Puffin. The beak fades to gray during the winter but blooms into orange colour in the spring time. Pretty amazing and probably to attract potential mates. Search Clothes. Bracelets Pendants Earrings Jewelry Favorites. Wool yarn Wool bowties. Pause slideshow Play slideshow. T-Shirt offer. Previous slide Next slide.

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Free Shipping. Reindeer Hide for your home? Flat rate shipping.

lettlopi blanket

Our Most Popular Products View all. Viking Feelings - Mug in a Box - White. Icelandic Puffin Eggs - Chocolate. Drink Like a Viking - Bottle Opener.

Drink Like a Viking - Shot Glass. Glacier Soap - Handcrafted Icelandic Soap. Viking Emotions - T-Shirt - White. Volcano - Handcrafted Icelandic Soap. Tote Bag - Iceland Doodles - Gold. Viking Strong - Shot Glass. Lava - Milk Chocolate Wafers. Geysir - Enjoy Our Nature Condom. Volcanic Iceland Jewelry - Bracelet 1. Icelandic Fresh Mountain Air. Love - Viking Rune - Slate Coaster.Knitting with lettlopi yarn is a completely different experience!

lettlopi blanket

Lopi is made from Icelandic sheep wool. The thel, or undercoat, is short and soft. Basically, the sheep are dressed for winter like the rest of us: a tough outercoat to repel the weather, and a soft, warm layer underneath!

It can be a bit splitty, so blunt needles are better than sharp. You can see even at the looser gauge, the lettlopi has expanded to fill in the gaps, making for a more solid ish fabric than we could expect from a smoother yarn at a similar gauge.

Seriously warm. Remember that long outercoat? The undercoat traps heat, keeping you cozy. A garment knit to a tighter gauge would be pretty much indestructible — as far as handknit garments go. Pingback: cheap cialis online.

I love scratchy wool! It is lightweight and easy to knit. My daughter just came back from Iceland and purchased for me lettlopi yarn. I have been looking for patterns using this weight that I could knit with 4 colors.

Sweaters use the bulkier so I was looking at hats and gloves. Do you have any suggestions? I have checked out Ravelry. Evelyn Mintzer emintzer mchsi.

I made Lopi sweaters for my children over 50 years ago, about 4 years ago I passed two of the somewhat worn but still very serviceable sweaters on to other children.The Lopi Tote makes use of bulky yarn and elegant, screw-in handles to create a deep bag with a wide base that knits up quick.

Full disclosure, I was sent a pair of these handles to try, but I was legit not disappointed. They finished off this bag so nicely!

lettlopi blanket

All measurements were taken after wet blocking. The Pattern. CO 40 sts using an Old Norwegian Sock cast on. Join into rnd and pm to indicate beginning of rnd. Rep rnd 5. Rep rnds until there are 60 sts in the rnd. BO all stitches using kitchener stitch. Weave in ends and wet block. Heidi Gustad is a knitting, crochet and crafts designer. She first learned to knit at age 8 from a grandmother who saw in her a need for something to keep her busy.

You can keep up with her designs and more by following handsoccupied on your favorite social network. Bag handles are great…. I saw some bags made from repurposed sweaters at craft fair. They had similar handles but must have been much less expensive because the cost of the bags was less than the cost of the handles by Jul.

Do you know of any other sources for handles? There may be an Etsy seller or two who makes handles — worth a look! Do you have any ideas to address this problem. I love the tote and am anxious to start making it. I was wondering if you lined the bag? I have a knitted purse that I lined, mainly to protect the knitting from junk in the purse, ha ha! Thanks for sharing the patterns! Love your blog. That being said, I will probably line this before using it as a regular purse.

Beautiful Hand knit Lettlopi Colorwork Sweater (#151)

Hi Heidi, Thank you so much for this great pattern. I was wondering what the circumference of the circular needle is used. Thank you. Do you make your WIP drawstring bags?

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If not what do you use and where do you get them.With a spinning mill located in the quaint town of Mosfellsbaer, Iceland, this is one yarn brand that promise second-to-none authenticity.

Lopi Lettlopi Wool. Lopi Alafosslopi. And this strongly Nordic brand certainly knows a thing or two about protecting themselves from the elements! The striking black, grey and brown shades — along with plain white, of course — are characteristic of Icelandic sheep, and they form the foundations of the typical Icelandic look.

The other muted, autumnal color variations on offer from this Lettlopi wool collection perfectly complement the base tones and will add a sense of sophistication to any wardrobe. Lopi Einland is similar to fine lace weight yarns; this wool is distinctively delicate, yet with the right attention to detail, it can be used to create all manner of durable, washable knitted items, including jumpers, hats and blankets. Lopi Lettlopi wool contains fibers that can only be hand-washed, but the stunning results you can achieve with this yarn will more than make up for the extra care that needs to be taken during washes.

And the stunning Lopi Alafosslopi is a chunky alternative that really comes into its own when used in traditional Icelandic designs. You can browse our wide range of Lopi wool online and buy directly from our website.

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